Pureora Forest Park Lodge


Charges (Valid from April 2018)

School Groups

$10.00   per person per night

Children (under 17)

$20.00 per person per night
$10.00   per person per night

Day use

$100.00 per group

Minimum charge: Summer 1 Oct – 30 April
                          Winter 1 May – 30 Sep

$200 per night Summer
$300 per night Winter

(Will not be refunded unless 3 days cancellation notice is given)
A cleaning fee will be incurred if the Lodge is not left in clean and tidy condition.

Booking guidelines

The booking form (which can be downloaded here) and emailed to:

Pureora Forest Park Lodge
C/- J Fowlie, PO Box 37,
Te Kuiti,

Email: info@pureoraforestlodge.org.nz

Cheques should be made out to: Pureora Forest Park Camp.
If you would like to Internet Bank, please email confirmation of this.
Bank: Westpac Te Kuiti 03 0449 0123684-00

Risk Management Forms are can be downloaded here

Important Information

  • Phones: There is no reliable mobile phone cover at the Lodge. The Lodge ph 07 878 4797 is available for all incoming calls and only local outgoing calls.

  • Once booking confirmed, arrangements will be made to have the Lodge open, or to collect keys.
  • As the nearest shop is 20 min drive (40 min return) at Benneydale (dairy) or Mangakino (4 Square) it is necessary to take daily consumables to camp with You: (Toilet paper, detergent, soaps, rubbish bags, enough food). First Aid Kit.
  • Leave the Lodge clean and tidy. Any person or group leaving the Lodge in an unacceptable state will be invoiced for damage/cleaning costs.
  • In the case of damage, breakages or emergencies please report them to one of the numbers on the list by the lodge telephone
  • Take all rubbish away with you.

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