Pureora Forest Park Lodge

The Waipapa walk is located near the Lodge. There is an abundance of bird life in this area, the more commonly seen include kereru (native pigeon), tui, piwakawaka (fantail), tauhou (waxeye), kaka, toutouwai (North Island robin) and the North Island kokako. This informative brochure has details and a map
Transport is needed to travel to other popular sites such as the Totara walk, observation tower, crawler tractor, steam hauler, centre of the North Island and Mt Pureora (1166 metres) which provides spectacular views of Lake Taupo, Mt Ruapehu and the Kaimanawa Ranges.
Kaka Chicks Pureora Forest Park Lodge offers:
Opportunities for a variety of indoor and outdoor activities with-in close proximity of the centre.
Indoor activities.
Outdoor facilities include.
A playing area is suitable for outdoor sports.
A dam for canoeing and swimming (six canoes and water safety equipment are available at no extra cost.)
A large brick, wood-burning barbeque and out door furniture is provided with-in the grounds.
Mountain bike tracks are available near
Piropiro Flats and Okahukura Road for a range of skills and fitness.
The tracks and existing tramways around Piropiro are suitable for families through to the enthusiast while Okahukura is graded easy to moderate. Mountain bikers are one of many groups using Pureora Forest Park so please be aware that other groups including trampers and hunters on quad bikes maybe using these tracks / roadways at any time.


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